What’s all this craziness about?

The official snack partner of the Royal Challengers Bangalore, Britannia 5050, gives you a chance to PARTY with team RCB plus win cool RCB merchandise and match tickets.

All you have to do is make your own perfect combinations!

What’s #5050Fusion?

Life’s Perfect Moments are often created out of Perfect Combinations.

Example: IPL is the perfect combination of Fun and Cricket.

Virat’s aggression and Gayle’s moves result in an invincible batting partnership.

Badree’s crazy spin and Aaron’s speedy deliveries, keeps the pressure high on the batsmen.

#5050Fusion is exactly that. Where we fuse two moments from T20 or from our own lives to make the perfect winning combinations.

How do you participate?

Simply share with us your perfect combinations by entering the contest here

Or tweet @Britannia5050 with your #5050Fusion.

What do you win?

Best entries from every match will be picked and featured. These stand a chance to WIN an official RCB Jersey and to PARTY with team RCB.

Start sending in your entries and get a chance to WIN BIG.